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Here, in UNIQLO Social Business Bangladesh Limited, along with a chance to everyday individual growth, we always welcome to participate in diversified work and appreciate freedom of individual speech.

A career in UNIQLO Social Business Bangladesh Limited shapes the future path of an individual competitively and prepares one to face daily challenges in regular life. Here every problem is analyzed with the route causes in a sense of finding the proper solution.

Training and assessment of development are some of the key factors here. Employees are instigated to training programs both locally and internationally to understand a global workforce and become a successful global player in the long run.

Rewards and appreciation of hard work and goodwill are always practiced in UNIQLO Social Business Bangladesh Limited. Every single positive reinforcement from a simple verbal appreciation from the supervisor to continuous promotion is acknowledged to employees to value their hard work in the proper manner.

A sense of teamwork is evoked here. In the spirit of a closely bonded understanding, we believe and practice a very responsive and mature working environment. In critical times our employees do not sit back and observe rather team works make those works simple and more meaningful.

Lastly, UNIQLO Social Business Bangladesh Limited ensures a performance-based working environment where individual growth is encouraged and continuously evaluated and rewarded on the basis of performance, eligibles are promoted to the next level of excellence.