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Who We Are

Grameen UNIQLO is the social business initiative of Asia’s N0#1 and World’s No#2 apparel company Fast Retailing Co., Ltd. which runs many global brands such as UNIQLO, GU, Theory, PLST, J BRAND, HELMUT LANG, PRINCESS tam tam, etc.

In 2011, for the development of the economy and solving social issues of Bangladesh we established a joint venture “Grameen UNIQLO” together with Grameen Bank Group.

All Grameen UNIQLO clothes are planned, designed, produced and sold in Bangladesh. And all the profits are reinvested for social business expansion and solving social issues.

In 2011 at-home sales in rural areas were started. Then after mobile sales in urban areas, in July 2013 Grameen UNIQLO opened the 1st outlet in the capital Dhaka.

Currently, Grameen UNIQLO has 17 outlets around the country.

With the expansion of the scale of the business, new social business programs will be planned. Grameen UNIQLO aims to become a company that grows with employees and business partners and helps to solve various social issues.