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Terms and Conditions

2.1 These Terms and Conditions may change at any point of time:

Since USBB ( may revise this agreement at any time , we would recommend to visit this page periodically and review the terms . If you have any question, query about any of our policies, please contact us.

2.2. Availability of product:
Please note the fact that our all products offered are manufactured by us in limited quantities .Because of their limited availability and also for nature of production, stock will not and cannot be refreshed at any point of time. Which means once an item is gone, it may be gone forever and might not appear on the website again. If any product is out of stock, we try our level best to remove them from our site. If you have any further query about availability of any product then can call us to know.

2.3. Information of products:

USBB (’s may not display/ show each and every item you would find in our stores. All
prices of products are displayed on the website are quoted in BDT .On the other hand most of the USBB ( products that are displayed on the website are also available in selected USBB ( stores in Bangladesh till supplies last.

i. Product Manufacturing – USBB ( products are manufactured very carefully. We always try our best to provide the products matching with the exact description. If there is any problem with our delivered product then please let us know by our Hotline Number, facebook Messenger or by e-mail, we will try our best to solve the issues.

ii. Product Color – We have tried our best to provide the accurate color of each and every product. However, depending upon your personal computer/laptop/tablet/hand-held devices/mobile’s resolution, screen setting, color display the product color might vary in real.

iii. Product Price –We are very conscious about maintaining highest level of accuracy but if any product is listed with incorrect price/ price information (There might be incorrect price due to typographical or photographical error) USBB ( has the right to cancel the orders with incorrect prices. Also USBB ( has the right to edit any description and price if they find anything that needs to be corrected at any point of time. Along with the price VAT is also applied and is showed in the invoice of customer.

iv. Advance payment policy – USBB ( has right to cancel any order of Advance payment at any point of time for any unavoidable circumstance in this case USBB ( will refund full payment to the customer within 15 working days. No order will be confirmed against any failed payment.

2.4. Disclaimer Regarding inaccuracy:

We try to provide accurate information at our site but still there might be a few information with typographical error, inaccuracies or omissions in our website’s newsletter, product price or product description or product’s availability. We reserve the right of correcting all these errors whenever we find these (It might be done after your order is placed). We are committed to provide most reliable, recent and most accurate data in our site, any of these errors are unintentional and we apologies if you find any information like this in our site. We have the authority to correct the errors and update any information at our site without any prior notice.

2.5. Legal Information

This website is operated and owned by USBB ( All contents, Images and descriptions are property of USBB ( By Bangladeshi copyright laws, the website and all of its contents are protected. All rights are reserved. All contents of this site are for non commercial use .[ Is this true? I thought that the website is for commercial use.] Please do not use any image, copy any description from the site of USBB ( for any commercial purpose without any prior Agreement/ Permission of USBB (

2.6. Liability Limitations:

Considering the Internet connectivity and Unpredictability of Technology USBB ( does not confirm that each portion and function of the website will be Uninterrupted and Error Free always. We continuously search for functional errors and correct them to ensure best online shopping experience for the valuable customers. USBB ( will not be responsible for any fraud, theft or mistake in the usage of your credit card in the online purchase of any USBB ( item.

2.7. Regarding Communications and Comments:

We are making every effort in responding all of our customer’s queries and comments as soon as possible by due to any Unavoidable circumstance it might delay.Also in our social media and any public pages (Ex:Blogs,customer review section etc) if we find any comment Irrelevant, abusive and inappropriate , we have right to remove those from that place.

We welcome all of our customer’s feedbacks, suggestions and demands for the development of our services and products. We expect that by giving us reviews our customers will help us to develop us continuously.