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Fast Retailing; our parent company has established UNIQLO Social Business Bangladesh Ltd. in September 2010. Afterwards it has incorporated with the prestigious Grameen Bank Group's “Grameen Healthcare” Trust to launch Grameen UNIQLO Ltd. in August 2011. Quality clothes, comparatively efficient production as well as taking advantage of the strengths of Fast Retailing, we aim to solve social issues such as poverty, health, and education.



We select our procurement material from Bangladesh & sometimes quality materials from foreign countries and production works are done in highly expert local factories. In consignment sales by Grameen ladies, we started selling average $1 goods to the poor for such mainly rural areas. Grameen ladies used to visit the rural houses for selling the comfortable products instead of selling on stores.


JUNE 2012 TO APRIL 2013

In order to contribute more in Bangladesh's economy, the society has expanded its social business scale; as a social business we have also developed our own social business framework than traditional business models.

Gradually, besides rural areas we have attempted to sell our products at the capital Dhaka. Through various creative experiments like: vans, HI ace cars we tried to sell our products at different locations to understand customers desire, need and want.

Thus we added new products in our existing line such as polo shirts and collared shirts, also expanding the price range to 2-4 dollars. Grameen Uniqlo came up with new features in the product line such as concentrated chemical fibers, soft and stretch material, polyester touch etc.


FROM JULY 2013 ....

Over 3 long years of experiments and observations Grameen Uniqlo stores in Dhaka. (New Elephant road and Banasree store). Grameen UNIQLO`s target customers are middle-income earners and young people. It significantly expanded its product line with continuous development and strong quality commitment.

The opening of new stores helped to accelerate the growth of our social business. By providing people with good clothing at affordable prices as well as by creating job opportunities through new store openings. This initiative has contributed to the economic and social development of Bangladesh.