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President and CEO
Fast Retailing Co.Ltd.

Bangladesh is a country with enormous potential and a thriving sewing industry. As a company, we are committed to working with reliable partners, to further develop our social business and give back to local communities.

Our mission is to do more than provide quality apparel. We aim to unleash the inherent value in clothing, to improve lives and change society for the better. Simply, we want people worldwide to experience the joy of wearing truly great clothing.

Our social business in Bangladesh began in agricultural communities.

Now, we are opening retail outlets in urban areas. Our social business initiatives are built upon UNIQLO’s expertise in production and sales. They provide jobs at the community level, while giving us the opportunity to offer comfortable and affordable clothing, of the highest quality. We help to produce clothes by locals, for locals.

We reinvest all profits back into our social business, to establish a stable business cycle that can help to address issues related to poverty, hygiene and education. Through these efforts, we hope to continue to enrich people’s lives and promote sustainable self-sufficiency. Our goal is to use the power of clothing to contribute to the economy and raise living standards for the people of Bangladesh.

Thank you.