Grameen UNIQLO and Honda Bangladesh, 2 Japanese organizations operating in Bangladesh, recently collaborated together with an initiation. They jointly have designed and developed new T-shirts for young customers, especially for Bike Riders. This is the first time any company directly worked for any specific group of customers in Bangladesh like Bikers. Designed focusing mainly on Bikers, these T-shirts can be worn by whole young generation aesthetically. Considering young minds choices, different colors and designs have been added to the line of this Tee. Anyone will find and buy these T-shirts from any outlet of Grameen UNIQLO and Honda Bangladesh at a price of BDT690, customers will have to add the VAT amount to the price.

Friday, October 5, 2018, the collaboration news came with the unveiling and launching of these T-shirts by two business heads of the companies, Nazmul Huq from Grameen UNIQLO and Ishii Yuichiro from Honda BD.

Mr. Nazmul Huq, Managing Director of Grameen UNIQLO expressed his words on this initiation, “Young people are the most passionate one. They love to do all the crazy things including Bike Riding. But whatever they do, they love to do with comfort and with confidence. Considering the facts we have designed and developed some special graphic T-shirts for young people especially for Bikers.”

He added to his statement, “We have collaborated with Honda Bangladesh and brought out these special T-shirts for the Bikers. And we say, Ride with Comfort. We added different designs and colors so that not only Bikers but every young or teen ager can wear those comfortably. So enjoy our clothing, and Ride with Comfort.”

Mr. Ishii Yuichiro, CEO of Honda BD, said about the collaboration, “I’m very happy and proud to be associated with Grameen UNIQLO. Together we had an opportunity to think about the young generation specially the bikers’ comfort while they ride. We make Honda Motorcycles that Bikers ride comfortably, and Grameen UNIQLO makes clothing that everyone wear comfortably. We both work for customers comfort.”

Regarding new experience of cloth design and development, Mr Ishii mentioned, “Bikers are passionate and they enjoy riding. So we introduced special T shirts for them. And we say, Ride with Comfort. I believe they will love these T shirts. Besides, considering their passion, we have tried to develop different designs and colors of these T shirts so that not only bikers but everyone young people can wear these T shirts.”

These T-shirts are available from 5th October, 2018 in all stores of Grameen UNIQLO and Honda Bangladesh.

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