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A new way of participating in a social business.
Purchase an app, contribute to the society.

“The Value of $1” project is a new social business in which participation is as simple as purchasing an electronic study book for just one dollar. The one dollar spent to purchase an electronic study book of the Bengali language goes to a fund that subsidizes the production of T-shirts with educational prints and study books that will help raise the literacy of children in Bangladesh. Thanks to this fund, the T-shirts and study books can be sold at a local price that is nearly equivalent to one dollar. All production and sales of the T-shirts and study books are conducted in Bangladesh, and profits from sales are invested in other projects aimed at contributing to society through the production and sales of clothing in Bangladesh. An electronic certificate of participation is issued to those who register with the project through the app. Production and sales progress in Bangladesh is updated on your certificate so you can see how your one dollar is being used. 

Social business: A new business structure for contributing to society, such as eradicating poverty, advocated by Nobel Peace Prize recipient Muhammad Yunus.
The app sale price of $1 USD has been converted to the local currency based on the exchange rate on the app’s launch date, March 29, 2012. However, in the case that the aforementioned converted price is less than the Android Market’s minimum sale price, the sale price is set as the minimum sale price in that particular country. Please note that when converted into local currency, the app sale price may not be an exact “one dollar;” that quantity is used as an index for understanding what can be accomplished with an equivalent amount of money.

Features of "The Value of $1" App

  • Book

    We distribute an electronic version of the study book that is sold in Bangladesh.

  • Certificate

    For registrants we issue an electronic certificate of participation, which is updated to show how your one dollar is being used in Bangladesh.
    (limited to 10,000 registrants)

  • Report

    Project Report from Bangladesh
    Reports on how T-shirts and study book are delivered to local children.

  • About

    Description of the social business concept and Grameen UNIQLO initiatives

* Progress of a project (or individual processes) displayed in this application is for reference only and does not reflect actual circumstances.
* Handling of T-shirts produced through this project, including their sale, is left entirely to Grameen UNIQLO.

Products (educational T-shirts and study books) sold in Bangladesh

10 different types of educational T-shirts

  • Cricket

  • Home

  • Sun

  • Fish

  • Tree

  • Flower

  • Truck

  • Tiger

  • Star

  • Mango

Study Books

Product (electronic study book for Android) sold through Android Market

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