Grameen UNIQLO established a method so that all product-related processes can be completed within Bangladesh - from raw materials procurement, to production, to logistics and, finally, the sales of these products.

01 Product Design

UNIQLO is using its expertise to plan products that are suitable for the local market.

02 Material Procurement

The social business procures low-cost, high quality materials by cooperating with UNIQLO and GU partner production factories.

03 Production at Local Factories

Partner factories produce low-cost clothing that meets UNIQLO's independent standards, which are rooted in its expertise in quality control, as it does with materials procurement.

04 Store Sales

By opening many new stores, mainly in Dhaka, more people are able to enjoy Grameen UNIQLO clothing, while the social business is able to improve the lives of the people of Bangladesh.

05 Purchasing and Wearing

Some apparel brands in Bangladesh target affluent consumers. However, there are few apparel brands targeting the relatively underdeveloped market for middle- to low-income earners. Grameen UNIQLO provides people in these income brackets with comfortable, high-quality, functional clothing that they can afford.

06 Reinvestment of Profits

Profits from clothing sales are reinvested in social business initiatives. As local people are developing the business on their own, they are able to play an important role in creating jobs and improving lives.