Truly great clothing for the people of Bangladesh

Grameen UNIQLO's objective is to address issues related to poverty, public sanitation, education, gender issues and the environment, by establishing a sustainable, community-level business cycle. Local involvement in the design, production and sale of clothing provides jobs, while helping to develop the economy and improve the quality of life in the country.

Business Policy

Fast Retailing and Grameen have established three core Business Policy themes:

  • [01]

    By providing functional, affordable and comfortable clothing, we hope to give people the opportunity to experience the joy, happiness and satisfaction of wearing exceptional apparel.

  • [02]

    By applying UNIQLO's expertise, we are trying to develop a completely localized business structure to help create job opportunities in Bangladesh.

  • [03]

    We vow to reinvest all profits in ongoing efforts to promote social business initiatives.