Truly great clothing for the people of Bangladesh

Local involvement in the design, production and sale of clothing provides jobs, while helping to develop the economy and improve the quality of life in the country.


  • Comfortable Wear

    By providing affordable, high quality and comfortable casual clothing, we hope to give people joy, happiness and satisfaction of wearing exceptional apparel.
    By using UNIQLO's expertise we are trying to bring Japanese quality.

  • Comfortable Shop

    Clean, beauty, lighthearted, convenient, customer friendly, simple and exciting are the things we care about.
    We give our every efforts to make our shops and services comfortable and enjoyable for our customers.
    We want our customers to have the best shopping experience with us.

  • Comfortable Life

    We give every efforts to create employment and want to improve the quality of life and contribute to the economy of Bangladesh We vow to reinvest all profits in ongoing efforts to promote social business initiatives.